Welcome to Early Core Field Experience

All teacher education candidates, at the beginning of their programs, are involved in early field experiences which focus upon specific teaching and learning concepts and seek to support young learners in a variety of ways and in various contexts.

The courses listed on this site include field experience components which focus heavily upon engaging young learners in positive, constructive educational ways while, at the same time, supporting the goals and objectives of existing school programs.

Early Core Field Experience students have served with:

  • Watauga County Schools After-school Program
  • Watauga High School (daytime tutoring in support of the academic program)
  • Watauga County Elementary/Middle Schools (daytime tutoring in support of the academic program)
  • Western Youth Network (after-school middle grades student support initiative)
  • Kaleidoscope (after-school tutoring for ASU faculty/staff children and children from alternative learning programs)
  • Avery County Elementary and Middle Afterschool Program
  • Ashe County 4H Afterschool Program